Celtic Colours Internation Festival: Inverness to Inverness

St. Matthew's United Church, 78 Church St, Inverness, NS

Inverness, on the western coast of Cape Breton, has always had a certain kinship with its namesake in Scotland, through language, music, culture and ancestry. Bruce MacGregor, a founding member of Scottish group Blazin’ Fiddles, makes his way from Inverness to Inverness to play in the picturesque St. Matthew’s United Church. It’ll
 be a full house with this boisterous and energetic six-piece band on the little church stage. Judique’s Neil Beaton and Jackie Dunn MacIsaac, from Antigonish County, were among a group of young musicians that included many of this generation’s best-known players—like Natalie, Ashley, Wendy, Lucy and Dwayne —who would be featured as The 
Next Generation in a concert series organized by Stan Chapman. Now, some 25 years later, Neil and Jackie are reconnecting here today. Ingonish- based singer Adrianne Chapman has been described as having “the voice of an angel”. What could be more fitting for an afternoon concert in a church?